Which Real Estate Investment is best

Which Real Estate Investment is best ?

The fundamentals for Real Estate Investing depends on what type of Investment is correct for your Portfolio. There are different types of plans, each one having its own advantage and characteristics. To help you find which Real Estate Investment is best for you, we have listed few below for your reference. Following are the 4
How to Calculate Construction Cost Per Square Feet

How to Calculate Construction Cost Per Square Feet

Constructing a house is a big task. You need to be on your feet with almost everything that is required for construction, the cost, raw materials, labors, resources and every small detail. When you’re made to handle the entire task, the first thing that comes to your mind is the cost for construction. I will

Mangalagaur Event

  Managala Gaur is one of the most anticipated celebrations in the auspicious month of Shravan, particularly for new Maharashtrian brides. It is celebrated with equal fervor by the women folk of all ages in the community. The day is started by traditional dresses and puja, which is followed by singing, dancing, traditional delicacies, games

Possession ceremony @ Windsor County

On 26th May, it was an occasion of immense pleasure for all of us at Windsor Shelters as we handed over possession to around 60 families at Windsor County phase II in Ambegaon. We whole heartedly welcome all of 60 new families in our Windsor Shelters family. Possession ceremony was done presenting a warm welcome

Food Distribution

Windsor Shelters visited Sassoon Hospital in Pune and distributed lunch to around 120 families who were accompanying the hospitalized patients. Small plastic multi utility containers were also distributed among the people.This food distribution service is offered daily i.e. for 365 days and has been going on for more than 20 years for the people. This

National Safety Week

Celebrate our commitment to work safe by choice. In our roles, we face hundreds of choices but none are more important than our choice to work safe. A steward of safety, we empower that choice to protect ourselves, our families and their communities in which we live and work. On the occasion of 48th National

Safety Kit Distribution

It was indeed a great moment for Windsor Shelters as our Engineer team taken positive and fruitful efforts for labourers under the guidance of our Director Shriniwas Raskonda. Distribution of 49 Safety Kits was done to those who registered with BOCW. These kit includes safety equipment like safety harness, helmet, shoes, jacket combined with thing such

Best Women Enterpreneur Award

It’s a great honour for all of us at Windsor Shelters that our Executive Director Sapna Rathi has been awarded as the “Best Women Enterpreneur” award by Sankrant Mahatosav Samiti, Dhankawadi, Pune. She has always been a dynamic leader, a progressive employer and a social person. She has done tremendous work in field of social