National Safety Week

Celebrate our commitment to work safe by choice. In our roles, we face hundreds of choices but none are more important than our choice to work safe. A steward of safety, we empower that choice to protect ourselves, our families and their communities in which we live and work. On the occasion of 48th National Safety week and celebration of International Women’s Day Windsor Shelters organized an event for the workers of Windsor County. The event included a fun packed musical chair for everyone working on the site followed by dinner at Windsor County, Ambegaon, Pune – 411046. The winners of the musical chairs were awarded with exciting gifts for both male and female winners.

The event had several speakers who talked about safety practices followed by a pledge for all the workers, which strengthened the value of safety practices that must be followed in the work place. For empowering the women of the Windsor Family on International Women’s Day, Executive Director Sapna Rathi gave a wonderful speech which boosted the morale of the women to be gallant, proud and strong in their lives. This surely reflected in the way the women participated in the musical chair with great enthusiasm.