About Windsor Shelters

Company Profile

  • Vision Statement

    – To be a respected and most-preferred name in the real estate industry.

  • Mission Statement

    – To create an organization that generates trust, confidence and comfort in the minds of all stakeholders.

    – Excellence: Strive to give our best.

    – Commitment: Make sincere efforts to fulfil our responsibilities

    – People first: Respect for individual and value individuality.

    – Societal: Contribute to the larger cause of the industry, society and environment.

  • Core Purpose

    – We exist to provide quality real estate spaces at a reasonable price.

  • Core Values

    – Give Satisfaction to the client Quality, service & value for money.

    – Respect of our commitments.

    – Give Respect to all may be clients, suppliers labours or team member

    – Do work for society & contribute our time, money & service.


mahesh sir

Dr. Mahesh Rathi Director
Dr. Mahesh Rathi is Doctorate in Construction Management & an MBA with specialization in business management. He is in the construction industry from the year 1992 and has partnered 6 firms in his career span of 25 years. In his own words, “Money earning is not the sole objective of my business and I always try to give full satisfaction to all my customers.”
That best explains the guiding principle and growth of Windsor Shelters.
He has worked towards establishing Windsor Shelters as one of the key players in real estate, having successfully completed around 40 residential cum commercial schemes individually or in partnership. He leads Windsor Shelters and looks after sales, administration, purchase and fund management of the company.


Mr. Shriniwas Raskonda Director
Mr. Shriniwas Raskonda, a Civil and a technical wizard, constantly innovating to make advancement in technology simpler to understand and use. He has more than 25 years experience in Civil and real estate work. He started off as a hard core professional who attended to the needs from pin to piano at sites. He is a multitasker who masterfully juggles all the contracting activities at multiples sites.


Windsor Shelters has a thoughtfully-designed organizational structure for performing various functions and promoting operational autonomy and efficiency across the departments.

The functional department are headed by a highly qualified, experienced and deserving team of management with extensive experience in the real estate sector.

The company encourages an open-door policy aimed at ensuring its management is always approachable, sensitive and responsive to the needs and changes of the business and social environment.

Awards and Recognition