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What Makes Us Different?

Windsor Shelters has established a proficiency in understanding the need for transformation, people's expectations from it and handing over a transformed space that creates the brand new way of life.

We at Windsor Shelters understand that there are enormous opportunities in this space to transform the city and innovate the way we live.

We have over 30 years of experience supporting us
We don’t simply create buildings, we consider developing landmarks.
We make sure that the high-quality is maintained along with strong strategy
Premium Quality
Windsor Shelters uses Premium quality materials in all their projects.
We are very professional and keep all the documents transparent with the society.
Professional Team
Our Redevelopment experts are anytime reachable to the society in any stage of Redevelopment.
Timely Delivery
Windsor Shelters has good track record of handing over the project in the assigned time frame.







25 Lacs+


Advantages of Re-development

Better standard of living

Earthquake Structure

More FSI

Stilt and underground parking

Modern facilities / gadgets like lifts, intercom system, smoke detectors, firefighting alarm system, concealed plumbing, concealed wiring for electricity, telephone, cable TV, etc.

Bedrooms with attached bathrooms

Modern Amenities - Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Community Hall etc.

Redevelopment Process

Decision of Redevelopment

Redevelopment of the Building shall be taken into consideration with the aid of the Society if a Structural Audit Report is acquired from an accredited Structural Auditor appointed by the Society to do Structural Survey / Audit of the Building according to Bye-Law no. 77

Conveyance deed

If the Conveyance Deed is in favor of the society, then only Redevelopment can be considered in Special General Body Meeting.

Structural Audit Report

The Society need to circulate the adverse structural audit report to all the members of the society within 1 month of the receipt and also take their recommendations and consent within 14 days of circulation of the report. If 75% or more members of the society give their consent for Redevelopment then the Managing Committee will start the process of Redevelopment.

General Body Meeting for redevelopment

The Society wherein Redevelopment work of the Buildings is required to be undertaken, an application of Requisition to hold a Special General Body Meeting to recall and discuss the Redevelopment Project, is to be submitted to the Hon. Secretary of the Managing Committee which is properly elected as per the rule of the Society’s Bye–Laws. The Requisition application is to be signed by no lesser than 1/4th of the total members of the Society

Permission for redevelopment

The Society need to forward a copy of Structural Audit Report to Dy. Registrar of their respective ward of the Co-operative Societies along with extract of the Re-development Resolution passed in the Special General Body Meeting Number 2.

Feasibility Report

The Society need to appoint an Architect or a Project Management Consultant to survey the Project Plot /Area / F.S.I. / T.D.R. / B.M.C. – MHADA regulations applicable / technical / financial information along with viability, evaluation of repair v/s redevelopment and submit a Feasibility Report within one month from the date of receipt of permission for redevelopment.

Appointment of Consultant

Architect/Civil Engineer/ Financial Consultant / Project Management Consultant are to be shortlisted by the office bearers and need to suggest their names to the committee so that they can select and discuss the fees charged by them. Late on the committee should organize a SGM Number 3 and introduce the shortlisted professionals to all the members of the society. Hence, a final decision needs to be taken on the appointment of the Consultant.

Documents for Redevelopment

Following are the list of documents required by the society for redevelopment:

  • Society Registration Certificate.
  • 7/12 Extract.
  • Form no. 6 from Revenue Office.
  • Conveyance Deed / Lease Deed / Sale Deed.
  • Search Report and Title Certificate.
  • Index II
  • N. A. Order.
  • Development Agreement.
  • City Survey Plan.
  • Approved Building Plan.

Tender Floating

After the Technical troubles are sorted out, the Society should organize a SGM number 4. In this meeting all the members of the society need to be asked to prepare and submit details of requirements in writing so that the same could be included in the tender document. Now the managing committee should proceed and float the Tenders and invite various developers / Builders / Agencies to give their offer through newspaper ads etc.

Opening of tenders

The Society should conduct SGM no. 5 and open the Tenders in front of the Members of the Society along with the Society’s Consultants and parties participating in the Tender. The experts appointed by the Society need to look at the Tenders in detail and prepare comparative charts and give their recommendations to the Managing Committee.

Selection of developer

The Society need to call for a SGM no. 6 and after discussing the benefits and consequences of all of the offers, have to choose one Developer / Builder for carrying out the redevelopment of the Society.

Redevelopment Agreement

The Society should call for a SGM no. 7 for approving the plan of the flats / building and amenities offered by the Builder. When the same are approved in the General Body, the Society should pass a resolution to sign a Redevelopment Agreement with the Developer also fix the date for vacating the old flats and receiving the compensations.

Plan Passed

The Developer should then proceed to get the plans approved and obtain I.O.D.( Intimidation of Disapproval ) from P.M.C ( Pune Municipal Co-operation)

Handing over the property for redevelopment

The Society should call SGM number 8 and pass a Resolution for vacating the Flats and finalizing a date for handing over the vacant possession to the Developer

Shifting to alternative place

The members will now shift to their alternate accommodations before demolition of the building.

Work Start

Now the Building Construction work will began in full earnest as per the approved plan.

Completion of Work

The last work before the construction work is termed as complete is termed as Occupancy Certificate enabling the developer to allot the occupation to old and new members.

Possession of new units

On receiving the Occupancy Certificate, the developer can now lawfully allow the possession of the flats to be taken by the owners.

Conveyance deed

After completion of the Buildings, the Society need to make sure that the Developer gives Conveyance, Occupation Certificate and regular Water Connection within 4 months from the date of possession of the flats.

Redevelopment Projects

Shubham Safalya

Shubham Safalya


Shubham Savera

Shubham Savera

Shubham Apartment

Shubham Savera

Shubham Complex

Shriram Classic

Shubham Residency

Shri sai Residency

Shubham Vastu

Sai Aprtment

Shreeram Complex

Sai Aprtment

Shanti Complex

Shiv Apartment

Shriram Apartment

Shiv Apartment

Giri Apartments


Best Residential Project Award
Best Residential Project Award

Frequently Asked Questions

    The future of redevelopment in Pune city looks bright on account that there are constraints on the availability of open land in the town. Also, there are lots of buildings which are in terrible conditions and are broken down because of their age, atmospheric wear and tear and different reasons. They have reached a level wherein it isn't viable to perform structural maintenance and are not economically feasible and won't guarantee for more extended life. Redevelopment of such old building has end up a necessity.

    Generally, society expects one extra room per flat.
    Reimbursement of expenses necessary for the accommodation till the brand new apartments are given.
    Quality Construction, Modern amenities with Vehicle Parking facility and Modern elevation.

    Though the government is drafting the process for deemed Conveyance, the society need to consult or hire a Professional Advocate having knowledge in Conveyance Cases for legal remedies.

    If the consent is not received from all the members of the society for redevelopment, then permission for redevelopment will not be granted.

    Consent received from members can't be reversed. Only if a member has a sturdy motive to retract his consent, then he has to follow all the proper legal procedure for proving his factor of discontent for retracting his consent.

    The General Body has the right to give powers to Redevelopment Committee. Below are the powers that are usually allotted to the Redevelopment Committee.
    To reject / approve the proposal received by managing committee.
    To give suggestions to managing committee for the proposals if required.

    Generally the tenure of the redevelopment committee must be from the start of the redevelopment project to the end of the redevelopment project.

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