Mangalagaur Event


Managala Gaur is one of the most anticipated celebrations in the auspicious month of Shravan, particularly for new Maharashtrian brides. It is celebrated with equal fervor by the women folk of all ages in the community. The day is started by traditional dresses and puja, which is followed by singing, dancing, traditional delicacies, games and of course, ‘ukhane’ wherein the married women take their husband’s name through short rhymes.

Under banner of ”Kalarang”, we at Windsor Shelters celebrate Managala Gaur conducted by a famous cultural group Manaswini.

Windsor Shelters has always valued traditional events such as these that help in bonding with our customers, acknowledging their trust, participating in their happiness and praying for their good health and prosperity.

This year, Manasawini involved the women folk through special dances that contribute to their physical and mental well-being.

Adding to the spirit of celebrations were special awards for the Best Maharashtrain attire and Best Ukhane.

The winner of the Best Maharashtrain Attire was Mrs. Vidya Pataskar  while the Best Ukhane came from Mrs. Rukhmini Bhargude

We felicited Manjari Tai, Head of Manaswini Group with Memento as token of appreciation.

A great appreciation to the Windsor Shelters team (Swati, Sheetal, Kajal, Swarada, Priyanka and Pritam) who took a lot of efforts to make this event successful.