We are very happy to share the experience we had with the event at Gyangangotri Matimand School which is located near Dhayari Gaon, Sinhgad Road. There are approximately 40 children who are staying there. Some of them are orphans; some have a father or a mother but they can’t afford to bring them up so this trust is looking after these kids.

Being a responsible Real Estate company in Pune we are conducting various activities for needy people, so this time we decided visit this school and accordingly to their needs Windsor Shelters and our employees distributed grains, snacks, toys, clothes & news papers through which they can make paper bags.

The time we spent there is more important than what we have distributed. Kids need time, love & attention. It was a wonderful experience. We all should visit these places, because if you selflessly do something for them it brings a lot of peace and satisfaction. After seeing the happiness, smile on the faces of these kids you feel like you are top of the world. It was a kind of experience we will remember for a long time.