You can also own a waterfall

The rains are here and everywhere, particularly in Maharashtra. It’s a pleasant sight to see greenery and puddles by the roadsides on our way to work.

Monsoon also makes holidays and weekends more desirable for all – for the “play-it-safe” indoor types or for the “couldn’t care less” outdoor types. Yet, no one is complaining because whatever is your type, there are a whole lot of things to do while the rains splash on the window glasses of your home or of your car.

What are the common things the indoor types have on their wish list for the monsoon? Here are some “to-do’s” which find a place in most lists:

  1. Sleep the whole day with the cell phone switched off.
  2. Sip hot tea or coffee while listening to favourite songs.
  3. Watch an old movie at home.
  4. Prepare a favourite dish.
  5. Write or read a story that has been postponed till now.
  6. Reconnect with an old friend over the phone.
  7. Playing an indoor game like carom or cards with your friends or family.

As for the outdoor animals, it’s always a long drive with short halts at roadside eateries and finally a splash under the waterfalls that are so easily found as you head out of Pune towards Lonavala-Khandala or Tamhini Ghat.

Pick up any newspaper these days, and you won’t miss the images of magnificent waterfalls that are too hard to resist even to the die-hard indoor types.

But do you know there also is a place near Tamhini Ghat, that too just 90 kilometres from Chandni Chowk on the Western side of Pune that has a waterfall reserved for the owners of that place?
Can’t believe? Wait till you read this out!

You could also be among those fortunate few who could have an exclusive waterfall and canal within their premises.

For this, you don’t need to shell out a fortune; rather it has the potential of earning you a fortune instead.

Can’t wait to know more or still better, visit that place?
Make windfall gains with the waterfall
Well, if Tamhini Ghat is among your monsoon trails, and we know it is, just continue your zig-zag drive through the breathtaking ghats and not long after you have crossed the Raigad gate arch, you will find yourself in Saje Mangaon village.

Lookout for the way boards guiding you towards Windsor Harmony, a project of farmhouse plots in Saje Mangaon village, on the crossroads of Pali-Mangaon and Vile-Kolad, all in Konkan.

Once you have located the beautiful arch of Windsor Harmony, simply drive in to a 100-acre of natural treasures and a well-laid out farmhouse plot project of concretised roads, pebbles path, ready farmhouses, club house, community hall for indoor games and celebrations, outdoor games, gazebos, plantation and yes, the mountains, canal and the promised waterfall.

There is something for all and everything for some to make the drive and stay worth an experience and moreover, worthy of owing it and all that comes with it.

Apart from enjoying the picturesque place in the monsoon, Windsor Harmony is an all-season investment which promises high returns through multiple ways and for different reasons.

Windsor Harmony allows you to:

  1. own and enjoy it as weekend or holiday home
  2. grow trees native to Konkan like Mango, Cashew nuts, Jackfruit
  3. rent it out to executives from the industries in the vicinity
  4. earn carbon credit points
  5. sell it on appreciation

Windsor Harmony is a project in its third phase with the first phase completely sold-out and the second phase nearing that point.

Why only Windsor Harmony?

Though there are other projects too in and around the village, Windsor Harmony means absolute assurance and peace of mind.

Windsor Harmony means:

  1. A project by Windsor Shelters, a company with 20 years credentials in the Pune real estate industry (
  2. Clear title and independent sale deed
  3. Developed farmhouse plots
  4. Sizes from 11,000 to 21,000 sq. ft. plots
  5. Excellent recreation amenities
  6. Easily accessible from Pune and Mumbai
  7. Close to MIDC like Vile Bhagad, Roha & Pen Panvel Khalapur
  8. Close to Beaches like Tarkarli Beach, Dive Agar Beach, Alibaug Beach, Shrivardhan Beach, Velneshwar Beach, Kashid Beach, Murud – Janjira Beach and Harihareshwar Beach.
  9. Proximity to religious tourist places like Pali Ganapati, Mahad Ganapati
  10. Near BATU University

For those who still can’t believe their fortune, take an aerial view before you hit the roads at
You can also visit our office in the heart of the city at Bajirao Road, opposite the BSNL Telephone Bhavan and Bold & Elegant showroom or write to or call 96570 53053
Windsor Harmony is for all – the indoor as well as the outdoor types; it is also for the safe player as well as the adventure seeker investors.
Of course, the rains will come to an end, the season will change but this all-season farmhouse investment with a waterfall will be yours forever.
Enjoy the rains!

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